We encourage anyone who is interested to contribute to this documentation. This compilation of standards is meant to be a resource for geospatial open data users and contributions from the community will help to build a comprehensive document.

Reach out to us via the Azavea contact page if you would like to ask questions, voice concerns, or propose improvements to this document.

You can also contribute directly to the project by forking the repository and submitting a Pull Request on GitHub.

GitHub repository:

Read the contribution guidelines below before contributing directly to the project.

How to Contribute

Git Branching Model

The Open Data Standards Report documentation follows the standard practice of using the master
branch as main integration branch.

Git Commit Messages

We follow the 'imperative present tense' style for commit messages. (e.g.
"Create standards/")

Issue Tracking

If you find an error in the text or a missing standard, please navigate to the relevant file location and create
an issue.

Pull Requests

If you'd like to submit a code contribution please fork open-data-standards and send us pull request against the master branch. Like any other open source project, we might ask you to go through some discussion and refinement before merging.

Ways to Contribute

  • add an existing standard
  • propose a change to a documented standard
  • propose an additional future standard
  • identify proposed future standard users


Creative Commons License

The Open Data Standards Report by Azavea is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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