Item Description
Current Status In Progress
Version Number v1
Key Contacts Serdar Tumgoren, Project Lead
Implementing Agencies State and local election commissions, Journalists, civic hackers
Documentation Documentation:
Founding/Sponsoring Organizations John S. and James L. Knight Foundation’s Knight News Challenge


Funded by the Knight News Challenge in 2012, the goal of OpenElections is to create a free, standardized set of election results data for all federal and statewide offices in the United States.


Currently, election results data can be hard to find -- especially for historical elections. The OpenElections platform aims to make a standard that journalists and civic developers can easily access for stories and web applications. There has been much progress around documentation of the standard, and assembling lists of election events. The major remaining challenge is the effort to crowdsource the actual election results. OpenElections maintains status information for each state on the homepage for the project. Ideally, election commissions that report results would do so in the OpenElections standard or even submit directly to OpenElections.

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