Item Description
Current Status Broad adoption
Version Number GeoReport v2, Inquiry v2
Key Contacts Philip Ashlock, [email protected]
Implementing Agencies City Agencies that collect 311 (or equivalent) data
Founding/Sponsoring Organizations OpenPlans


A 311 phone number allows for non-emergency municipal service issue reporting for situations such as street debris, potholes and nonworking streetlights as well as to obtain municipal information. OpenPlans, a nonprofit technology organization, originally developed the Open311 protocol in order to provide standardized, open-access, read/write model for citizens to report on non-emergency issues. This standardized protocol enables location-based collaboration and issue-tracking.


The Open311 standard is one of the earliest and best established open data standards. It is in wide use across the United States. Some of the best-known platforms that have adopted this system are FixMyStreet in the UK and SeeClickFix in the US. This standard is utilized by the following cities (among many others): Chicago, IL; Toronto, ON; San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC; Boston, MA; New York City, NY. As 311 becomes a more commonplace service provided by municipalities, the further adoption and improvement of this standard is anticipated.

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