Public Notifications

Item Description
Current Status Informal standard, not adopted
Potential Implementing Agencies State and Local Agencies/Departments
Potential Founding/Sponsoring Organizations San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation (SFMOCI)

Analysis -- Future Potential and Adoption

The San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation project, Public Notifications Data Format (PNDF), seeks to establish standards and best practices for notifications from City departments. SFMOCI launched a pilot with several city departments in 2013, but there is little information available on the outcome or results of the pilot. There is the potential for some overlap between an open standard for public notifications -- for example, public notifications could be things like road closures and other events that might be covered by other standards. However, a PNDF could be useful for disseminating information like requests for zoning variances.Property owners or community associations are often required to notify neighbors within a certain radius.

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