Open Civic Data

Item Description
Current Status In Development; rapidly maturing; broad adoption in software but limited publishing by local and state legislatures
Version Number Last updated 2015
Key Contacts James Turk, Sunlight Foundation [email protected]
Implementing Agencies Government agencies, election commissions, government information services, Google Civic Information API, Popolo Project, Granicus, Cicero
Documentation Open Civic Data API:
Founding/Sponsoring Organizations Google, OpenNorth, Sunlight Foundation


The Open Civic Data project is a collaborative effort to define schemas and provide tools for collecting and disseminating information on government organizations, officials, legislation and events. Building off the work of the OpenStates project, the Sunlight Foundation sought to create a standard that would enable users to more easily digest election and government information. It is not one standard but rather six that cover several aspects of the democratic process. The most active implementations have been related to OCD IDs (divisions).


The Open Civic Data project seeks to define a schema for the following:

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