Google Civic Information API

Item Description
Current Status Relatively new, but well supported and documented
Version Number 2.0
Key Contacts
Implementing Agencies N/A (Google assembles data from several sources)
Founding/Sponsoring Organizations Google, Pew Charitable Trusts (for VIP data)


The Google Civic Information API was originally released in private beta as a unified source for elections, polling places and other data from the Voting Information Project (VIP). In fall 2013, it was extended to include the ability to look up elected office holders at the local, state and national levels. The API currently supports:

  • Elections (based in VIP)

  • Representatives

  • Divisions


While not, strictly speaking, an open standard, the Google Civic Information aggregates several data sources, including the Voting Information Project (VIP), Cicero and others. It implements the Open Civic Data standard.

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