Item Description
Current Status Formal Standards, Proposals
Potential Implementing Agencies Departments of Transportation, Streets and Highway Commissions, Governments
Potential Founding/Sponsoring Organizations URISA, Federal Geographic Data Committee

Analysis -- Future Potential and Adoption

Street address data is widely used and crucial to state and local government operations.It is usually available in one of two general forms:address ranges attached to a GIS road database, and as a list of valid addresses for a particular location.Due to the impact on postal delivery, emergency response, and other activities, there are several U.S. standards related to addressing.However, none of these standards have resulted in open data publishing standards at the municipal or state levels.The exception may be road centerline publication, which has been heavily influenced by the Census Bureau’s TIGER line program its GBF/DIME predecessor.

While the OpenStreetMap database provides a way to encode address information, the most significant effort in this domain is the OpenAddresses project, which both enables upload of unique addresses and supports free download and open APIs for developers.

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