Item Description
Current Status Developed by World Bank and partner organizations
Version Number v 2
Key Contacts
Implementing Agencies World Bank, government transportation agencies
Documentation OpenTraffic project
Founding/Sponsoring Organizations World Bank, Conveyal, MapZen


OpenTraffic, a collaborative project of the World Bank, Conveyal, and Mapzen, is coordinating efforts to develop an open source data and software platform for sharing, display, and analysis of anonymized traffic statistics.

The OpenTraffic project is part of the SharedStreets project project.


While U.S. State DOTs and local transportation agencies conduct significant additional traffic surveys and distribute data, there is not wide adoption of a standard. Additional data sources from private firms, like Streetlytics, Google Maps, Waze, and others, are not available in open formats.

OpenTraffic is an effort to create a platform that will enable accurate routing, estimated time of arrival, and travel statistical calculations based on traffic feeds. It includes both software tools and a traffic data exchange format. The v1 data structure includes both a baseline tile structure and a current conditions structure, organized in a binary protocol buffer format. In v2, a linear referencing system for OpenStreetMap (OSMLR) is used.

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