Council and Board Meeting Minutes

Item Description
Current Status Open source software, but no standard in use
Potential Implementing Agencies City and County Councils
Potential Founding/Sponsoring Organizations MySociety, Open Civic Data, Code for America Brigades

Analysis -- Future Potential and Adoption

Several organizations are currently working to make local government proceedings more open and accessible. The New York City Council recently passed a resolution requiring legislative tracking information and discretionary funding data be made available to the public in a machine readable format through an API. The MySociety organization has released a software component, SayIt, that can be used to both transcribe and search meeting minutes. SayIt is now also a component being supported by the Poplus network. A second open source project, Councilmatic, began in Philadelphia and is now also in use in Chicago for searching meeting minutes. None of these efforts have resulted in an open data standard but they are, nonetheless, in a good position to do so.

There is some overlap in this topic with the OCD Events standard (see above) and that may be another route to a standard.

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