Service Area Boundaries

Item Description
Current Status Not Established
Potential Implementing Agencies Local, State and Federal Governments
Potential Founding/Sponsoring Organizations Federal Geographic Data Committee

Analysis -- Future Potential and Adoption

The United States has a particularly complex set of local administrative and jurisdictional boundaries. In addition, each municipal and county government usually has several sub-divisions designed for different administrative purposes.Some progress has been made in data standards for “Governmental Units and Other Geographic Area Boundaries”. This does not specifically relate to service areas but could encompass this boundary type. This standard was developed in May 2008 by the Federal Geographic Data Committee as part of their Geographic Information Framework Data Standard. This standard mainly defines governmental, administrative and boundary units. Nonetheless, this FGDC effort has not generally been adopted and we believe there is significant opportunity to develop a standard way for localities to publish service area boundaries in a standardized way.

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