Item Description
Current Status Adopted by OCD but not yet used by government agencies
Version Number 1.0.1
Key Contacts James McKinney [email protected]
Implementing Agencies Governments, open government organizations
Documentation Specification: http://popoloproject.com/specs/
Founding/Sponsoring Organizations OpenNorth


James McKinney, civic developer, co-founder of OpenNorth, and part of the OpenGovernment.org team, conceived Popolo as a way to create an open government data scheme that could easily be re-used by other civic developers. The project was created and launched in 2013. While it is a standalone standard, in 2014, Popolo was adopted as the basis for the Open Civic Data People, Organization and Membership component.


Popolo is an open government specification that seeks to set a standard naming scheme for the basic of any government monitoring website. The ultimate goal of the project is to make it easier and quicker for civic developers to create government transparency and civic engagement websites, by offering them re-usable, well-documented open-source code. Several open source programming packages (python, Node.js, Ruby on Rails) have been created that use the Popolo standard.

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