House Facts

Item Description
Current Status Still evolving, limited adoption
Version Number 0.2.3
Key Contacts
Implementing Agencies San Francisco, Las Vegas, Bloomington, Kansas City, Gary IN, Olathe KS (these have committed to implementing the standard, but only San Francisco and Kansas City were confirmed to have published using the standard)
Founding/Sponsoring Organizations The Civic Engine, Accela, Code for America, Civic Insight and Socrata.


The House Facts data standard provides a common format for reporting government data on the operation, safety, and performance of residential buildings. Reported information may include specifics regarding building structure, function, habitability safety and environmental performance. The initial version of the standard is focused on housing inspections.


This data standard is intended to have substantial benefits in the civic sphere including: the full disclosure of property regulatory history of property prior to rent or purchase, search of data by property owner or property address, potential analysis by government, civic or academic agencies for patterns in inspection results, creation of city benchmarking for housing health and safety and most importantly general encouragement of improved property maintenance for homeowners.

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